vrijdag 22 maart 2013

PUM-EDU-NG 21 march 2013

To day we finished the four't goal. This means that we have an common description of the PUM Gobal online school.

Establish PUM global online open school with the following features
1.Develop an international curriculum
2.Blended learning
3.Entrepreneurship based
4.Asynchronous learning
5.Focus on practice
6.Related to the market needs
7.Link to the local situations
After a hard days work we where had an session on how the environment of the school influences the way we have to teach our students. In this case the population of Rotterdam South with is relatively poor and have an low educated population delivers an bad motivated group of students to the school. The dropout rates where in the 60% and by changing the way teachers teach they ware able to change the dropout rate to 30%.
At the end of the day we went with a water taxi to the Euromast where we had even more speakers waiting on learning and open source. Ather dinner there is was already dark which offered us an unique view over the city by night.

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