dinsdag 2 april 2013

Looking back

PUM Educating the Next Generation.

This spring the PUM Netherlands Senior Expert program financed the first working conference where vocational educational education institutes from Indonesia, Ghana and Tanzania participated. There where four schools, two from Indonesia ( one from Java and and from Sumatra) and one from Tanzania an one from Ghana.
The main objective was to demonstrate to them what we where telling them about blended learning, asynchronous learning and the use of open source in education. Being at their schools in their own country we where able toe explain what they may have improved in their way of teaching. But being here an seeing how there methods look like in real life helped them to understand the challenge they have to undertake en the goals they are aiming for.
After fourteen days of visiting schools and businesses, attending lectures on Moodle, Blended Learning and demonstrations of the way open source can help to support these kind of learning concepts, the participants left for home with their heads filled with ideas and inspired to pick up the challenge.

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